Viviendas para jovenes. International competition.

Date: 2011    Location: Cordoba, Spain    Size: 2.500 sqm    Value: 1.500.000 €

Team: f-lab architettura, A.Peruzzi, A.Ravagnani, A.I.Gil, D.Vecchi

V4J, viviendas para jovenes, is a competition for a new dwelling building, which can provide new ways of living together. The site is very close to the new Contemporary Art Center by Nieto and Sobejano architects, and the new building can offer a suitable accomodation to the artists and the perfomers staying in the city for short or long periods. According to the Cordoba's tradition and scheme, the new building is designed all around a "patio", and we shape this patio in triple height, both to serve all the dwellings and to become the real core of the activities: people can meet and join in a shady and airy space. Dwellings are organized to guarnatee privacy and flexibility in the use of the spaces. Facades are designed in relation with the sun exposition, with different windows and shading systems, to guarantee the best environmental confort.