Cultural centre. International competition.

Date: 2013    Location: Reinosa, Spain    Size: 1600 sqm    Value: 950.00 €

Team: A. Peruzzi, C. Sanchez

The competition aims to build a cultural centre and to create a public space where people can meet, both in summer and in winter. The old market that occupied the site collapsed few years ago due to a fire, only the perimeter walls stand. We decide to keep these walls and the old gates, and to join the covered spaces with the ancient walls, creating a central space, a covered gallery, working both as service space and public space. We let the light come in, by creating sloping roofs, with different slope degrees. We walk over this central space, building a flight of steps. This creates an outside space between the roofs, where people can stay during the sunny days, can see activities inside, can organize open events, concerts, where people  can really meet. The program is organized in spaces could be divided or joined due to the needs; this allows to accomodate different types of events and activities at the same time, or to accomodate a bigger event like the country fair or a concert.