Nursery Prototype. Restricted competition. Third prize.

Date: 2012    Location: Lazio, Italy    Size: 400 sqm    Value: 500.000 €

Credits:f-lab architettura, A.Peruzzi, A.Ravagnani, M.Romano (design team)

with: StudioSperi srl, P.Delfanti, M.Manham, I.Al Ayoub, R.Emili, W.Hebenstreit (consultants)

Toiko srl, ICS Grandi Lavori (general contractors)

The competition aim is to design a nursery prototype, adaptable to five different citys sites of Regione Lazio. The building have to be build with wood structures, known as X-LAM, and have to guarantee an high sustainable performarce. We decide to organaize the nursery with a double entrance hall, so we can manage the main entrance for all the five different sites, and we organize the nursery in the way the space for children always receive direct light and air, and the service spaces in the north side. The chidrens unit is organized to be a big space, with  mobile partitions, to accomodate different activities: learning, play, rest and eat. The single unit could also be repeated to create a bigger scheme. The whole building is designed paying strong attention to sustainability: natural ventilation, solar shading, solar panel and the right insulation guarantee an "A-class" classification.