Sport Complex, swimming pool, clubhouse.                                                                      

Date: 2007-2010    Location: Rome, Italy    Size: 1900 sqm    Value: 4.200.000 €

Credits: f-lab architettura, A.Peruzzi, A.Ravagnani, C.Catuuci, P.Ravagnani (design team); Ing. Sylos Labini (structures); Ing. I.Al Ayoub (elctrical plants) Ing. R.Emili (mecanichal plants)

The old building is the sporting venue of an ancient rowing club in Rome, just alongside the river. The boardroom decides to extend the building, according to accomodate a bigger number of memebers. The schedule contains a new covered swimming pool, with locker rooms, gymnasium, and other facilities, and bigger spaces for the members, meeting rooms, living rooms, bar, restaurant and terraces. The new building tries to converse with the surrounding nature, through its dark colour and copper finishes, but it doesn't waive to transform the old complex and to become a new presence along the river.