60 public housing units. International competition. Honorable mention.

Date: 2010    Location: Melilla, Spain    Size: 4500sqm    Value: 3.100.000 €

Team: f-lab architettura, A.Peruzzi, A.Ravagnani, N.Scandone, F.Spinaci, D.Vecchi

The competitions schedule was to design 60 units for social housing in two different buildings. We decided to adopt a courtyard scheme, both to serbe dwellings and to create a little social space, repaired from desrt's sun and wind. Buildings are on three floor, plus purking at the ground floor, and the dwelling's scheme divides living zone from night zone, with mobile partition, to affort different ways to use. According with the low-budget's building, facades are colored and shaded by white iron mobile panels, repairing form the sun, and making the building appear differnt due to the habits of owners.