Park and auditorium. International competition. Second Prize.

Date: 2010    Location: Cave di Marco Vito, Lecce, Italy    Size: 40.000 sqm    Value: 38.000.000 €

Credits:f-lab architettura, A.Peruzzi, A.Ravagnani, N.Scandone, A.Di Verniere, D.Vecchi, Archigroup sas, F.Vinditti, F.Falzini, E.Satta, G.L.D'Amato, S.Margiotta

The competition site is inside a stone pit, used since the Roman's Empire time, so called Marco Vito's pit, not used by now and in which nature has returned as the main character. Stone, sky and green are the principals of the environment. The competition aims to create a new bulding for music, with two auditoriums (800+200), facilities for musicians, library, cafeteria and other spaces, and to insert this new building in the refurbishment of Marco Vito's pit, by creating a natural park. This aims to create a big cultural spce, just outside the old city of Lecce and at the border of a new development plan.We put the auditorium building just at the border of the pit, leaving the park linked side to side, then we push the volume down, connecting two differnt heights, and we dig the volume, craeating a "cavea-facade". The result is a permeable building, connecting the new city with the park. The facade looks like a big digged side, and invites you to sit, to stay, to enter inside the building, and at the same time it works for events in the warm season.