Apartment refurbishment.

Date: 2013    Location: Rome, Italy    Size: 80sqm    Value: 95.000 €

Credits: A.Peruzzi, A.Ravagnani, C.Sanchez (design team), C.Luzzi (structures), MLM Ediliza srl, Anastasio Castaldi (general contractor), Edil System srl, Valerio Marconi (wooden furniture)

The original apartment was divided in three rooms and a separate kitchen. We decided to organize the living room in the south-east side, with three wide windows looking at a park; the kitchen is organized to be a part of tthe living room. The elements of the living zone are clear: the concrete bench, the white and gray bookstore and the natural wooden plans of the kitchen, in the same essence of the floor. At the entrance a double wooden door brings to the night-zone.