Factory refurbishment and new headquarters. Invited competition. First prize.

Date: 2013    Location: Latina, Italy    Size: 10.000 sqm    Value: 6.000.000 €

Team: A.Peruzzi, A.Ravagnani, C.Sanchez, M.Romano, D.Vecchi

The factory produces seats for airplanes and ask us for a new office building, using a building now disused, in which it would have been clear the attention they pay in creating seats, their attitude to "tailor-made", according to the clients will. Design and manifacture are very linked processes, above all in the last steps of production, in which clients engineerings are involved in taking decisions and they can also spent a few days in the factory. We decide not to use the disused building but organize the old one, with the aim to bring close the design and the manifacturing processes. From the hall you can immediatly see a slice of the production at your right, while you can see designing team at your left. We put inside the factory green courts, to let the light and the air come inside the workplace. We do the same with the new office building, so we can organize open spaces, meeting rooms and management offices. We want workers, managers and clients experience a bright space, a light space, like experiencing a flight. We imagine the new facade with the same principles: lightness, brightness. We use glass to let people see outside and we design a white iron structure, also providing shade to the facade.