Sailing Centre. Restricted competition.

Date: 2012    Location: Cala Trabuccato, Isola Asinara, Italy    Size: 2900 sqm    Value: 4.200.000 €

Credits: f-lab architettura, A.Peruzzi, A.Ravagnani, F.Spinaci, M.Romano

with: Archigroup sas, F.Vinditti, V.Satta,

International restricted competition to accomodate a sailing academy in an old prison structure in Cala Trabuccato, Asinara island. According to the competitons' targets we decide to preserve the old prison, keeping and restoring the old finishes and reorganizig the inside spaces to accomodate new functions like guest's dormitory, kitchen, restaurant, stores etc...Perhaps we redesign the south side of the structure, accomodating teaching and socializing spaces, with big opening doors, leaving the sight free to the sea and the air flowing inside.